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Animal Natural Therapies

Whether your animal companion is having some problems, or just needs a boost, the therapies that I offer are very gentle and respectful of your pet.

Therapies available:


For more information, click on the relevant menu tabs. Also have a look at the 'Reiki' section, and maybe arrange a nice relaxing treatment for yourself too.



Privacy Policy:  the personal data collected about you will include data relating to your name and address, and the health and history of your animal.

In compliance with General Data Protection Regulations,this data will be securely stored for up to 7 years, and will only be used by myself for communication with you. It will be used as a record of your animal and any changes that may occur in their health, well-being or performance. You may have access to it, and have the right to ask it to be erased.

Should you have a complaint, you have the right to request contact details of the supervising authority / Association in order to lodge this.

Information will only be shared with the animal's vet or other professionals as requested by you and the animal's vet.

Therapy for Animals

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