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For sharing news, information, updates and tips that I have found helpful for my pets. I hope you find this blog informative, fun, and useful for your own animal companions.

By ritalymboura, Jul 29 2019 11:27PM

This beautiful little bush with yellow flowers has amazing pain-relieving and anti-depressant properties. Animals tend to self-select it in an infused oil.

I harvested some of the flowers to make my own infused oil this summer. I soaked the flowers in some organic sunflower oil. As you can see in the photos over a couple of weeks the flowers release a red pigment. This holds the active compounds hypericin and hyperforin. The oil can then be strained off for use. I love seeing the yellow flowers turn the oil bright red.

By ritalymboura, Apr 14 2019 09:53PM

Come and join my workshop on Animal Herbal Self-Selection for your Pets, at the National Animal Welfare Trust. All proceeds will go towards the animal shelter.

This informal and interactive workshop will explain how animals have an innate ability to self-select plant extracts for their health and wellbeing. Allowing your pet to select their own herbal remedies can provide enrichment and benefit their wellbeing. I have used this method of applied zoopharmacognosy on many of the resident animals at NAWT, including cats, dogs, rabbits and Percy the pig, with positive results.

During the workshop I will explain all about the process, and how you can offer herbal extracts safely to your pet at home. We will also be doing demonstrations on some of the NAWT residents, including Percy the pig.

So come along, it will be a fun afternoon for a good cause!

By ritalymboura, Mar 29 2019 08:15PM

Had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with this little fellow today. Meet Percy, a young pig at the National Animal Welfare Trust. Such a character, he is a little star!

When I arrived within 2 minutes he managed to undo the clasps on my case! So very clever. He enjoyed selecting dried herbs and floral waters. His favourite was rosehip shells, plus barley grass and wheatgrass powders. He also enjoyed sniffing various floral waters sprayed onto a blanket.

Adorable little chap.

By ritalymboura, Jan 12 2019 07:30PM

Dog owners please be aware of the UK laws for driving with dogs in the car.

I always use a dog seat belt clipped to Amber's harness on the back seat. I also keep it short enough to stop her falling off the seat in case of a sudden stop. Seating your dog on the back seat also avoids the risk of the dog hurtling forward into the windscreen in an emergency stop. Stay safe!

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