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Crystal Therapy

We all love looking at these sparkling gems from the earth. But as well as their beauty, crystals have an amazing ability to store, transmit and focus energy hence their use in modern technology (e.g. quartz crystals in watches).


It is thought that this ability makes crystals useful for healing purposes. By placing crystals on and around the body, the energy centres ('chakras') can be rebalanced to bring beneficial effects.  The energy from crystals is subtle yet effective, and works well in combination with Reiki as a Crystal-Reiki treatment. Crystals are also helpful as tools for inner work and meditation.


A Crystal-Reiki session is similar to a full-body Reiki treatment, where the client lies on the couch fully clothed.  The crystals are placed on and around the body, in specific layouts. The crystals are left in place as the practioner carries out Reiki healing. The practitioner may also work with crystals as 'tools', using a crystal quartz point and a pendulum to help sense and rebalance the auric field.


By the end of the session, clients tend to feel much more relaxed, and sometimes even quite 'floaty' immediately after a session. So time is given for a gentle easing back, and to drink plenty of water afterwards.


Animals are also drawn to crystals. My cat Suki decided to lay down and stretch out within a crystal circle I had set up on the floor while sorting my collection out. Perhaps she was just testing them for me, who knows. :)

















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