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Animal Natural Therapies

Appointment Information & Fees

Animal Herbal Choices

Includes pre-session preparation, herbal extracts used in the session plus samples of key selected extracts to continue offering at home, a session report and continued support.


                                                                                              DOGS               CATS

  • First Consultation     (up to 2 hours)                 £70                   £60

  • Follow-up sessions  ( 1.5 hours)                         £55                    £45


Timings are approximate. If the animal chooses not to engage or ends the session early, a fee of £40 per hour is charged pro rata.

Prices include travel for home visits within a 10 mile radius of New Barnet. For visits further than 10 miles, an additional mileage cost will be incurred and confirmed when booking (see travel fees below)


Animal Healing            approx 1 hour

  • Dog or Cat                   £30

  • Small animal               £25


Distance Healing  / Animal reading

For animals and people:     £15 per 30 minutes  


Canine Massage  NEW!    

  • Initial consultation & session  (1 - 1.5 hours)    £40    

  • Follow-up sessions  (1 hour)                                £35

Home visit.

Appointments also available at the Natural Medicine Centre, 11 Southgate Road, Potters Bar, EN6 5DR ( )

Reiki For People          1 hour

  • Reiki                              £40

  • Crystal Reiki                £45



Travel Fees


Travel is free up to 10 miles from New Barnet. Longer disances will incur a charge of 45p per  extra mile.  This will be added to the consultation fee and confirmed with the appointment.

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