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Some of the lovely feedback from my clients. Thank you!


"It has been my pleasure and great fortune to have found Rita. She is a very kind person that loves animals. By a combination of Rita sending healing, communicating with my 5 cats and her suggestion of plants and herbs to place in and around the house, the stress and conflict between my cats was reduced by 70%. I cannot recommend Rita highly enough." From Zoe W.


"We are very pleased with the result. It's the only thing that's worked." Owners of Rosie the dog after a Canine Herbal Choice session.  


"Rita has been working with us for a number of months, during this time we have seen an improvement in the animals wellbeing due to Rita’s help especially during a bad bout of cat flu that had affected all the cats in a cattery block.  She has showed the ability to work on her own and as part of a team. She is polite and courteous with staff and animals. Rita listens to us and works with us, we value her support and help."  Jackie De Friez, Centre Manager, National Animal Welfare Trust, Watford



“Rita is not only a great healer but also can communicate what she knows very well. Her enthusiasm and compassion is second to none and I would definitely recommend her healing and treatments. Both my dogs love her.”  Sam Kisby, Luton.


“Loved Rita's gentle,holistic approach.

Professional,in-depth & thorough.

Great nutritional advice considering all round general health needs.

Was really impressed with the connection she and Brandy have, and felt totally at ease in the calm,safe comfortable environment she's created.

Would highly recommend Rita to anyone interested in complimentary healthcare for their pet.

Not only does Brandy enjoy her visits,the benefits speak for themselves as well as reduced vet bill's.”

Amanda, London



" Discovering zoo-pharmacognosy for me has been a God sent! My cats started to suffer from stiff joins and were limping from time to time. As I didn't want to go down the invasive route of scans and interventions, my vet referred me to see Rita, a herbal specialist for cats.

Rita took time to understand the needs over the phone before she visited and when she did, Rita was prepared with a variety of herbs and oils selected for my cats. The session was incredibly interesting and empowering. Since then my cats regularly choose to eat herbs, seawead, oils and vegetables and their health has improved greatly. Neither of them limp any longer and they are full of energy. The boy can still show some stiffness but overall he is very healthy and happy. After all we are what we eat!

And the fact that Rita does home visits makes it all much less stressful, as my cats can comfortably stay in their own territory, hence reducing stress which in turns improves health in itself. The price is also very affordable, so I have booked to see Rita again and I would recommend her highly! "

Eleonora Lawson, London



"Rita has a wonderful healing way with animals. She came to see my border collie dog Billie who

had been experiencing anxiety since reacting to a bee sting in her throat and having to have intensive vetinary work.  Since the incident she had also become nervous of loud noises in the garden.  

Prior to commencing the treatment Rita took an in-depth medical history of Billie and then worked with her over 3 or 4 sessions using herbal food oils to add to her diet and also used healing animal Reiki in which it appeared to me that Rita was really tuning in with Billie - it was obvious that Billie trusted her.  Since then Im glad to say Billlie has recovered from her bee sting and appears to be better in the garden with loud noises. I would highly recommend Rita to work with any animal".  Marie & 'Billie'  - Hertfordshire


"At the time that Rita came to treat my 'fluffies' I had 2 moggies; Phoebe and Murphy, 1 exotic persian; George and an outragously flirty Rottweiler called Vesta.  Rita was exceptionally patient as she gave each of my cats a smell of her carefully blended and selected oils.  A few drops of each oil was placed on a smal bowl and placed in front of the cats.   They were neither encouraged or prompted to taste; the bowls were merely placed on the floor.  Rita explained that the cats should be left to approach the oils that they were naturally attracted to. After monitoring their reactions, Rita gave each of them a taste of their preffered oils.  To be perfectly honest I didn't think my cats would like any of the oils; I was especially skeptical about the nettle oil.  I was proved wrong and I can say I was truly amazed at the way they lapped up their chosen oils, especially the nettle! When it was Vesta's turn, again I was dubious.  Vesta loves her food, in fact Vetsa loves anybody's food!  I assumed that she would simply lap everything up, especially after she was made to wait and watch the cats have theirs first!   Well I was proven wrong again!  There were some oils that Vesta definetely did not like the smell of and some that she loved; those she lapped up with gusto!

Rita left me with a few bottles of the oils that my fluffies had chosen, along with easy instructions on how to administer them. This gentle and natural treatment boosted my fluffies well being; both on a physical level, glossy coats, less hair loss etc., but also on a deeper, subtler level; they became calmer and more chilled out.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rita. Natural healing is not just a marriage of  knowledge and professionalism but also from a sense of deep compassion and love of all that lives and breathes.  Rita has all of those qualities." Polly, Cambs.