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Animal Natural Therapies

Animal Healing

Healing is a very gentle, non-invasive and soothing therapy for animals, and can help with many different issues. Healing can be given by light touch or by a hands-off technique, which is particularly helpful for animals that are sensitive to being touched or approached. Healing promotes deep relaxation which allows the body to rebalance and self-heal on many levels. It can help with physical ailments as well as emotional problems and trauma.


During a healing session, the animal’s behavioural responses are observed enabling the animal to help guide the session to suit its needs. After the healing, the animal is often very relaxed and may sleep more than usual.


A healing session can vary in length according to the animal's response, though as a general guide is approximately 30 to 60 minutes. Also included is a look at your animal's lifestyle in general, to provide some general guidance and suggestions for lifestyle adjustments if needed.


Healing is a complemetary therapy that works well alongside other therapies and herbal choice sessions, and with on-going conventional veterinary treatment.  Healing can be given to all species of animals, though I tend to work mainly with household pets.


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