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Animal Natural Therapies

Animal Healing and Reiki

Healing is a gentle, non-invasive, soothing therapy for animals, and can help with many different issues. It promotes deep relaxation allowing the body to rebalance and self-heal on many levels. Healing can help with physical ailments as well as emotional problems and trauma.  


Reiki is a type of healing which uses additional techniques  (see 'Reiki' page for more information).  I have trained in and utilise both for healing animals,  I therefore use the term 'Animal Healing' to also include Animal Reiki.


Animal healing can be given by light touch or by a hands-off technique, which is particularly helpful for nervous animals or those with touch aversion.


A healing session can vary in length depending on the animal's response. As a general guide I'd allow between 30 to 60 minutes.

The animal tends to walk away when they have received enough.


Healing is a complemetary therapy that can be given alongside other therapies.  I also offer distance healing on request, or when location is too far to travel, or the animal is very ill and needs additional support.  Contact me for more information.


For fees, see Appointments page.


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