Canine Massage with Myofascial Release

Dogs with muscle or joint pain can show restricted movement, stiffness and discomfort.  Pain may manifest as changes in behaviour, such as restlessness or reluctance to walk. Muscle spasms and soreness may not resolve on their own without help.


Canine massage can ease muscular tension and improve joint flexibility using soft tissue techniques, to maintain a good performance level so that your dog has a healthy active life for as long as possible.  Suitable for dogs of all ages.


I am qualified in two forms of canine massage

  • Merishia Massage, and

  • Relax HAOK9 Massage®

  • plus Myofascial Release techniques

and will utilise whichever techniques are most appropriate for your dog.

To comply with regulations, veterinary permission is legally required before a session can commence.


Canine Merishia Massage  is a soft tissue therapy that combines Swedish and deep tissue massage with gentle stretches and mobilisation techniques. Merishia Massage can improve flexibility and range of movement, ease stiffness and aid relaxation. Merishia massage can complement veterinary treatment and work alongside other manual therapies for help with rehabilitation and recovery.


For more information on the Association of Merishia Therapists, click


Relax HAOK9 Massage® aims to address & support healing for general well-being, mobility, recovery and promote improvement in quality of life and relaxation. Relax HAOK9 Massage® is not a single technique-based therapy but a multimodal approach to holistic well-being for dogs.


For more information on the Healing Animals Organisation, click here:

Myofascial Release:  The fascia is a web of tissue that surrounds all the structure of the body. It can be affected by trauma, stress or injury becoming harder and inflexible causing pain or discomfort.  Myofascial release techniques gently but effectively help release areas of 'stuck' or toughened fascia and combine well with canine massage. 

Rita has been giving our Rosie some regular massage sessions to help with her mild degenerative bone disease in both hind legs. Rita’s massages have done her the world of good. Her walk has improved and she is less tense everywhere...

We will be carrying on with the massages and highly recommend Rita's therapies.

Rosie massage.jpg

 I thought it was excellent, he really enjoyed it and I was confident that he was in better muscle condition afterwards.

PH, Hemel Hempstead
Spiroulla Neocleous, Herts