Volunteer Work

National Animal Welfare Trust, Watford branch.

It has been my pleasure to regularly visit NAWT since 2017 offering the animals herbal choice sessions.  My 'clients' have included cats, dogs, rabbits and Percy the pig.  For the last two years I have held a fund-raising workshop on Herbal Self-Selection for Pets to help raise money for the centre.   


DOG Rescue Cyprus:  HAO group trip, Oct 2016

Dog Rescue Cyprus rehomes stray and abandoned dogs to forever homes all across Europe.  The centre is run by volunteers and a registered charity.  Our group of animal healers from the Healing Animal Organisation, visit every year to provide support and healing therapies to the dogs in their care.  I adopted my own dog Amber from there.     


Animal Care Egypt (ACE): Volunteer HAO Group trip, Jan 2016

Our group of animal healers from the Healing Animal Organisation, led by Elizabeth Whiter, visited Animal Care Egypt (ACE) in Luxor.  ACE is a charity run centre providing veterinary care and assistance for the local working donkeys and horses, as well as dogs and cats.


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