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Case Study: Ludwig, a dog with severe weight-loss and gut issues

This is Ludwig, a client dog in Malta, showing his recovery progress. When his 'mum' first contacted me from Malta, they were days away from losing him. He had severe weight-loss (3.5kg in 3 weeks!) due to serious gut issues. I worked with his owner via 'Zoom' and sent appropriate herbal remedies by post. Once she received the herbal package, we conducted a 'Herbal Choices' session for Ludwig via video link. Today he has put on 1.6kg so far and is recovering well. I received a lovely testimonial from her today:

"I first consulted Rita in November 2020 over zoom as I live in Malta with a very poorly circa 5year old dog who has a tough history as a rescue dog and long-standing issues with trauma and gut digestion and assimilation of food. At the time I sort her help, Ludwig had lost 3.5KG over 3 weeks; all vet investigations had not returned anything significant of note, so it was put down to Inflammatory bowel disease and maybe the history of being sand-fly positive as a puppy. We were literally days away from losing him. The conventional vet wanted me to put him on tinned lab-made food but my profession as a human health practitioner kicked in and I knew I had to look elsewhere, especially as he was not able to keep any food down or make healthy faeces and every single bone was protruding through his skin. Ludwig was already fed on raw food and doesn’t get vaccinated so is chemical free to lighten the load on his immune system.

By chance I found Rita on the internet and gave her a full history via email in some desperation and we quickly arranged a zoom call. Rita was kind, calm, caring and knowledgeable from the start. She advised on dietary options, then once I got him more stabilised, we graduated to healing him more in the long-term with herbs, tinctures, herbal waters and powders that Ludwig self- selects, which ones he wants, how much and in which order.

Rita has been amazing, very present for me and staying in touch even when I was just trying to get Ludwig more stable and with her care and knowledge, he has put on 1.6KG and his life forces are much stronger as of today, January 24th 2021. I am forever in deep gratitude to her and, for me it is a great joy to watch the inherent knowing and wisdom of the inner physician be allowed to take centre stage in the healing process, whatever the life form may be. THANK YOU Rita, you are a deep blessing."

Fiona L

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