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The Many Facets of Healing

When you hear the word ‘healing’ what springs to mind? Is it doctors, vets and medicines? Reiki and meditation? Or a soothing salve for the skin? All of these come under the healing umbrella. They are merely different forms, using different ‘tools’. When it comes to our animals, our vets are our first port of call if our pet is unwell. At times surgery, conventional medicines and veterinary expertise are essential of course. There are also ways to support an animal’s health and well-being with complementary therapies, and energy healing is one of the most natural and gentle.

You may be familiar with Reiki, a form of energy healing which originated in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui. This was my first venture into the healing world, and I trained to Reiki Master Practitioner level. I ini-tially started offering healing to people, including cancer patients who reported good effects on symptom and pain relief. It was after my beloved cat Jasmine became terribly ill with cancer that pushed me to learn more. It led me to Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter’s Healing Animal Organisation, and I’ve never looked back.

Animal healing and Reiki are very similar where we use our hands to guide the healing energy to the animal. The main difference with Reiki is the use of Reiki symbols from level 2 onwards, and initialising trainees via attunements. From here I refer to both when talking about ‘healing’.

When giving healing to an animal, you will notice how calm they become. The healing session is very gentle, soothing, and promotes deep relaxation. By calming the animal (or person) it then allows the body to self-heal and rebalance itself. As you may be aware, chronic stress can impede the body’s natural ability to heal, as the elevated adrenaline and cortisol hormones keep the body in ‘fight or flight’ mode. That has a cascade of effects on well-being. Healing can help alleviate that state by relaxing the mind and body, which then allows the hormones to rebalance and the body to self-heal.

Healing works on both the physical and the emotional, which from a holistic point of view are inter-linked. Healing can be given by a hands-off technique, which is particularly helpful for fearful ani-mals or for people who do not liked to be touched. A great way to help rescue animals!

So if you or your animal are under stress, have a chronic illness, feeling a bit out of sorts, or suffer-ing from fear and anxiety, why not try my healing treatments. Check my website pages for more details.

Stay well and wishing you a happy and relaxed day. Rita x

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