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Calming Herbs for Pets – Sweet Violet Leaf

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

The heart-shaped leaf of the fragrant violet plant (Viola odorata) is also known as ‘heart ease’ as is said to “comfort and strengthen the heart” and ease emotional upset. Medicinally violet leaf has a vasodilating effect and strengthens blood vessels thereby supporting heart health. It also has expectorant properties, so useful for colds and flu. On an emotional level, violet leaf helps to ground, comfort, and soothe the nerves, and is often selected by nervous animals.

Violet leaf can be offered as a dried herb for animals to sniff and chew. It also comes as an ‘absolute’, a thick dark oil that may be offered for animals to inhale (for cats I would place a drop in a sealed aroma stick for safety). Violet leaf can be a helpful aid to calming animals facing fearful circumstances, such as firework noise or anticipation of a vet visit. Violet leaf can also be useful for animals have changed home, such as adopted rescue animals.

When offering any essential oil, hold the bottle of the violet leaf absolute (or aroma stick in the case of cats) at least arm’s length away from their nose to avoid overwhelming them. Always allow the animal to move closer to or away from the bottle until they stop at their preferred distance. Then let them inhale for as long as they need. A drop can be placed on a cloth for the animal to access when it needs. Never force a remedy on an animal, follow the principles of self-selection, and always allow them space to move away or leave the room. For further help and advice contact Rita.

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