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Calming Herbs for Pets – Hops

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Common Hops (Humulus Lupulus) is a climbing perennial with heart-shaped leaves that produces little cones. As well as traditionally used for beer-making, hops has been shown in studies to have sedative and sleep-inducing properties. For pets it is a helpful remedy and is often selected by animals suffering from stress and anxiety. The dried herb, including the little cones, can be offered to pets to sniff and chew. Hops also comes as an essential oil, which can be offered to animals to inhale. As stated in my previous posts, cats need special precautions with essential oils, so I would recommend offering them the dried herb for safety.

Hops combines well with valerian root, and these two are often present in human remedies for insomnia. With pets that are noise sensitive, both herbs can be offered simultaneously to work synergistically. Either place a little of each dried herb on a matm or put one drop of the essential oil of each onto separate cloths. The animal will select which it needs for as long as it needs it. That is the beauty of the self-selection method. Wishing you all a safe and secure November.

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